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Little People, Big Dreams: Ru Paul 

Maria Isabel  Sánchez Veaga

This is a book about a little boy called Ru Paul who becomes a famous drag queen and inspires a lot of people. 

I loved this book because it teaches you that you can break out of being shy and show the world who you are, and that your differences make you special.

The illustrations in the book are really good! – Riley




The Great Big Book of Families

Mary Hoffman & Ros Asquith

This book looks at different families and make you think about how different families might look. It was nice to see differences between all the families.  I liked that they showed how different families can be close together or far away. – Freda






Alex Gino

I really enjoyed reading this book.  It was full of amazing  language and told a really moving story.  The twists and turns of the book were really well-paced and tugged on my heartstrings.

This is a story about bravery, friendship and celebrating who you are. – Freddie






How Do You Make a Rainbow?

Caroline Crowe & Cally Johnson-Isaacs

This is a really lovely story about how we make can make rainbows in our lives.  One day, there’s a really dark and gloomy sky, and one small girl wants to make a rainbow which she does with love and happiness and joy. – Lenny




Julian is a Mermaid

Jessica Love

I like this book a lot because the story is really good and the  illustrations are amazing.  It’s about a boy who loves meramids  and wants to be one.   While his Nana is in the bath, he dresses  up as a mermaid using household items, and then later his Nana takes him to a mermaid parade.  I think the story has a great moral because it tells you no matter your gender, you can whatever you want to be. - Tilly



My Shadow is Pink

Scott Stuart

At the start of the book, the character’s shadow is pink but he wants it to be blue and thinks it will change.  But when he goes to school, they dress up with their shadow and he gets scared that his shadow isn’t the same as everyone elses, but his dad teaches him that everyone is unique. 

I think it’s a really fun story with a fantastic lesson and the illustrations are amazing. – Jasper



Who Am I?

Philip Bunting

This is an inspirational book all about who you are.  It is about a kid who wants to find out who he is.  He wonders what it is that makes him him - Is it his name? Is it his stuff? Is it his thoughts?  The illustrations are beautiful and speak to you!

This is my personal favourite book. – Bella




Something Else

Kathryn Cave & Chris Riddell

This is a really amazing about how how Something Else doesn’t fit in but he tries to be like others until he meets another Something Else who helps them accept who they are. 

This book is amazing, inspirational and thought-provoking.

It tells you that you should hang out with different people and enjoy it because its fun and great thing to do. 

I would recommend this book massively because it teaches about the message of celebrating your uniqueness. – Isla



Pink is for Boys

Robb Pearlman & Eda Kaban

This book is about exploring how every colour is for every  person, no matter their gender. Every two pages is about a  different colour.  No one is fit to a colour or a gender; everyone  is human and everyone is colourful! I think it’s a great book  because it shows us that everyone is equal. – Holly




What is Gender?

Juno Dawson

This is a non-fiction book that is about gender, sex, sexuality and what it’s all about! It looked at what is the difference between sex and gender, what terms like ‘trans’ and ‘non-binary’ mean and what gender looks like in the world around us.

It’s a really insightful and interesting book because it teaches you a lot and it’s told in a clear way and gives kids all the facts.

– Callum




And Tango Makes Three

Justin Richardson, Peter Parnell & Henry Cole

This is an awesome book based on a true story!  It tells the  story about two male penguins who desperately want to have a  baby chick together.  They can’t make an egg of their own  because they’re both male, so a zookeeper kindly helps them  find an egg and needs a loving family.  They hatch their chick  and love them very much.  I loved this book because it’s a story about loving families and shows us that being a family is about love, not about how it looks.  - Xavi