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Language of the Term CHALLENGES!



How much do you know about Greece?


Find out in our fun Greek Quiz!





Golden Ticket Challenges


To win yourself a Golden Ticket, find Miss Wilson before Friday 3rd February

and count to ten in Greek....


1 ένα (ena)

2 δύο (thee-o)

3 τρία (tree-a)

4 τέσσερα (tessera)

5 πέντε (penday)

6 έξι (ex-ee)

7 επτά (epta)

8 οκτώ (octo) 

9 εννέα (en-ay-a)

10 δέκα (theka)



or recite this Greek tongue twister to her!


Μια πάπια μα ποια πάπια; Μια πάπια με παπιά. 


Mia papia ma pi-oa papia? Mia papia me papi-ya.


(A duck but which duck? A duck with ducklings.)