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Latin Homework

Miss Wilson's introduction to learning Latin

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Latin golden rule:

Word order doesn't matter.

Word endings are important.


Latin verb endings and English pronouns:






Adverbs describe verbs. They tell us HOW something is done. In English, adverbs usually end in 'ly. In Latin, adverbs usually end in -e or -er


bene = well            male = badly            laete = happily   


irate = angrily        facile = easily       celeriter = quickly 


       optime = excellently              fortiter = bravely  






Adjectives describe nouns (naming words/ person, place or thing). Remember, in Latin, the ending will change depending on  whether the noun the adjective is describing is feminine, masculine, singular, plural, subject or object.


bonus = good           malus = bad           sordidus = dirty   


frigidus = cold            mirus = amazing         iratus = angry     




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