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EAL Starting at Hillcrest

Welcome to Hillcrest Primary School


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This is a short introduction to our school.

There is more detailed information on our website.

The news for your child's class is on their Year Group page.


If you have questions the school office staff and your child's teacher can help.


Our English as an Additional Language (EAL) team,

Mrs Hornsby and Mrs Metcalf, 

are here to support your child's learning.

They will give you a login for 'Flash Academy' which is

our online EAL learning platform.



We hope your child will be very happy here!




Bridget Norman

Head Teacher




Sally Hornsby

EAL Lead




 Emily Metcalf 

EAL Support




Kate Higginson

Family Support Worker






The School Day



The gate is open from 8:40

The school day starts at 8:50


The children line up outside, with their class.

When the bell rings at 8:50 the teacher takes them into their  classroom for registration.


(If you bring your child to school late, or at any other time of day, come to the school office.)




The school day ends at 3:30 (3:15 for children in Reception).  


Your child will wait with their class in the playground until the teacher 

sees you and dismisses them. Please tell the teacher or the office staff if someone different will be collecting your child. 





Future Stars have a Breakfast Club and an After School Club at Hillcrest and there are various other after school activity clubs.







School meals are cooked here daily. There is always a vegetarian and a Halal option.

The menu is HERE


Children can have school meals or packed lunches from home,

or a mixture of both on different days.


Choose and order your child's school meals online using the Arbor Parent Portal


Download the free Arbor app from your app store.

The office staff can help you to set up your account.

You will need the Arbor app for other things too so this is important.


Please tell us if your child has any food allergies or a special diet.


School meals are free up to the end of Year 2. 


For children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 a school meal costs £2.70.
Meals must be paid for in advance, via Arbor. We do not take cash.


If you receive welfare benefits your child may qualify for

free school meals. The school office staff can help you to apply.


There is more information about lunches HERE.




Snacks and Water


We give the children in Reception and Years 1 and 2 a fruit or vegetable snack at break time.


In Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 children can bring a healthy snack from home - preferably fruit. 

No sweets, crisps or chocolate please.

Do not bring anything containing nuts into school

because there are children with severe nut allergies. 


We encourage children to drink plenty of water. There are drinking fountains

in school and jugs of water on the lunch tables.

Children can bring a water bottle to school and refill it at the classroom tap.

Please make sure the bottle has their name on.




School Uniform


We have a lot of FREE second-hand school clothing. You can take as much as you need.

Ask at the office and we will show you.


Order new uniform here:


You can also buy everything, except the sweatshirts and

cardigans, at the supermarket.


The school uniform is:


  • Green sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo
  • Pale blue, short-sleeved polo shirt
  • Black trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore, or
  • Blue and white school dress
  • Black, grey or white socks or tights
  • Flat, black closed shoes with laces or straps.


For modesty, a plain headscarf may be worn, and black or grey leggings under a skirt or dress.



PE Kit (for sports) - in a named bag


  • Shorts, leggings or track-suit bottoms 
  • Gym shoes or trainers




Please put your child's name in EVERYTHING they bring in or wear to school.





School Supplies


Books, pens, pencils, paper, art materials

and exercise-books are all provided by the school.

Your child will need a rucksack to bring their reading book home every day.

Or you can buy a Hillcrest book-bag online from Boca Teamwear.







Tell the teacher or the office staff if there is any important

medical information about your child.


If your child is too ill to come to school please let us know before 10:00am.


If your child has vomiting or diarrhoea they must stay away

from school for 48 hours after it has stopped.


Tell us immediately if your contact details change, in case there is an emergency.





The School Year


The school holiday dates are HERE and the school calendar is HERE.





We have three school rules