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Reading Volunteers

We have an amazing team of reading volunteers at Hillcrest who are making a real difference to children’s engagement and enjoyment of reading. If you are interested in joining the team, here is what you need to do:


  • Email with the subject line ‘Reading Volunteer’ and let us know what days and times you can come in and if you would rather just read with your child(ren)’s year group(s) or if you are happy to read with any age group.
  • Then, as soon as you can, drop into the office with two valid IDs and proof of address so we can get your DBS sorted. If you already have a DBS, please drop in to show us so we can put it on our system.


And here is what will happen next:


  • There will be a ‘Reading Volunteers Induction’ from 9-10am on Monday, September 25th. This will include a guide on how to support a child with their reading.
  • Afterwards you will be given a child, or a group of children, to hear read regularly throughout Term 1 and 2.