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Red Nose Day - Watch out teachers!

We in the fundraising committee believe that Red Nose Day is an extremely important charity to support.  Red Nose Day is on Friday 18th March and we have decided to punish some of the Hillcrest Staff with a Punishanator! 


If you would like to punish a teacher, we are asking for £1 to spin the spinners to randomly choose a punishment and a teacher, OR, if you would like to choose the teacher and the punishment, we are charging £2.


The teachers who can be punished are: Mr Boyle, Mr Mac, Mr Barham, Mr Taylor, Mrs Howells, Ms Sharples and Mrs Loader.


On the Punishments menu are: Doing the waltz (with another teacher), ice down tops, pie in the face or having a wet sponge thrown at them.


All children are welcome to come dressed in red as well to celebrate this amazing charity.


The teachers will take their punishment in front of the whole school the following week (Mr Mac better watch out!)


From the Fundraising Commitee