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10,000 mile run!

Back in May 2019 we had a visit from Jim Gump, who told the children his inspiring story of running 10 k a day with his dog Flo for a whole year. Afterwards, the children joined him for a run outside in the playground.


Jim likes nothing better than setting himself a challenge. His latest quest is to cover the equivalent of running around the equator - 25,000 miles!


Having clocked up 9,999 miles, he came back to run his 10,000th mile with us in the playground at Hillcrest!


BBC Points West were here to cover the event.


One of Jim’s main aims is to promote both adults and children getting active. We don’t have to go as far as Jim, just try to get some exercise every day.


On the back of Jim’s visit, we plan to reinvigorate our Daily Mile by getting the distance marked out on the playground so that children can tell when they have clocked up a mile.