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Black History Month

Thursday 1st October marks the beginning of Black History Month 2020
What is Black History Month?
Black History Month in the UK celebrates the history, arts and culture of black British people. Awareness of, and education about, the history of white Brisish people is well established, but black British history is under-reported and under-represented. Dedicating a month to it each year helps to redress that balance and helps us all to learn more about our shared history as Britons.  
Why is it important?
There has been a lack of representation of black people in history books and school curricullums. This is a time to remember and celebrate the forgotten people who helped to shape the UK.
What do we do at Hillcrest?
We are committed to the teaching and support of Black history all year round, 
recognising the contribution of black people to British society and celebrating the achievements of inspiring black British role models, such as authors, poets, actors, musicians and athletes.
Our aims include:
  1. Providing a sense of belonging and identity to children across the school.
  2. Teaching an accessible Black British history curriculum that raises attainment for young people.
  3. Supporting social cohesion between children within the school.
  4. Teaching children about the importance of having respect and tolerance for all cultures.