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Dambuster turning 100

As we marked Remembrance Day last week and our current Year 6 children are learning about events which led up to World War Two, I was reminded of a very special visitor we had several years ago.


Squadron Leader George ‘Johnny’ Johnson, the last surviving serviceman to have taken part in the iconic Dambusters raid during World War Two, will be 100yrs old next week. His whole family (aunties, uncles, cousins, grandchildren and great grandchildren) will be gathering in Bristol on 27th November for a celebratory lunch and afternoon tea.


We had the honour of inviting Johnny Johnson to our school ten years ago. He spoke fluently about his life and adventures for over an hour, without notes, and both the children and the adults we invited hung on his every word, it truly was an event we will never forget.


As Johnny approaches his 100th birthday, he is still campaigning for a medal for the veterans of Bomber Command. As the last member of his squadron, he feels it is his mission to ensure that every single person in the 617 Squadron is duly recognised for the part they played in the attack on the major dams of western Germany on 16th and 17th May, 1943.


Bridget Norman