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Dear Hillcrest

We were all hugely touched to receive this lovely poem about our school.  It brought a happy tear to many an eye. Thank you to Hillcrest parent Emilia Mildmay. We think you've all been amazing too!        
            Dear Hillcrest

I’ve loved the record-breaking post it notes

Tennis balls and orange hair

The jelly bath to come

And the newsletters that care


I know how hard you work

It’s an out of hours job

But you did it with a smile on

Whilst the country had a swab


There’s a lot of different homes out there

All asking different questions

And I’m sure there were a lot of times

A few surplus suggestions


There’s no present I could give you

That can sum up how I feel

And we don’t need more material stuff

Whilst we all begin to heal


But I’d like tell you that I love you

That it hasn’t gone unseen

I know you’ve got your grades to meet

Still, our kids are no machine


And the fact that you acknowledge this

That you think outside the box

Putting mental health before percentages

Is perhaps quite Unorthodox


I would also like to thank Wilma

Who can’t go without a mention

She’s a special kind of asset and

She’s got my kids attention


So have a massive heart felt hug

Even if it’s from a distance

I have only really got through this

Having had your kind assistance


Emilia Mildmay