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When things get tough and it seems nothing is going your way, it can sometimes feel like the easy thing, or natural thing, to do is to give up. But us Hillcrestonians always try to be resilient and, my goodness, did our Harriers show oodles of resilience as they took on Broomhill in a football match.


The scoreline was not on their side but they refused to give in. They kept on running, kept on tackling, kept on shooting, kept on passing and eventually they hit the back of the net when Iris broke free to slot home a goal that England Lioness, Ellen White, would have been proud of.


It was a joy to watch them play with a smile on their face - they did our school proud.


Well done to Martha 6PB, Betty 5DB, Iris 5DB, Ellie 6NW, Tilly 5CS, Isla 5DB, Rose 5DB, Beth 6NW and Della 5DB.


And thank you to Mr Barham for organising.