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Hillcrest Family Party

To celebrate the start of the new school year, Friends of Hillcrest would like to open the school gates for a FAMILY GATHERING!


Rather than drawing straws on "who gets to go out" or trying to book the babysitter, you're ALL invited to come along for a few hours and raise a few pounds for the school at the same time.


The kids get to play with their friends, dance or watch a movie, the parents get to socialise beyond the school run!


Expect music (and dancing if you fancy!) and a bar. Soft drinks and nibbles provided for the children.


Friday 29th September 5.00 - 6.30pm

Adults - £7.50 Children - £2.50


Please note, you will still need to be responsible for your children at the event.

Tickets are limited, so make sure you get yours early! Here's the link... friendsofhillcrest/1001272#


We look forward to seeing you there!