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Rainbow Flag Award!

The Proud Trust has awarded Hillcrest The Rainbow Flag Award!  


Very well done to everyone for all of your efforts and contributions, this is an award for all of us!


We passed with flying rainbow colours! Here are some quotes from The Proud Trust's evidence feedback... they were very, very, very impressed with us...


"And on a personal note - some of the best primary work we have ever seen. Great job."


"What a gorgeous collection of testimonials from staff, students and parents... it is clear that LGBT+ is celebrated and the school is a safe and happy place for everyone... and that children love the culture of the school."


"A wonderful variety of inclusive books... which are clearly enjoyed by the young people who read them."


"How lovely for your pupils to be supported in being themselves, and that they are provided with a range of activities and dress-ups that allow them to independently explore their identities, and feel safe and supported in doing so."


"This is a incredibly impressive set of evidence and made me smile throughout.  The children who attend your school are very lucky to be able to be educated in such an inclusive environment where difference is celebrated... a lot of work has gone in here! A very, very easy pass - well done!"


"The work you are doing is preventing LGBT phobia from happening and creates a safe space for young LGBT+ people."


"I love that young people got to learn about the history of Pride locally, talk to parents in same-gender relationships and more, that [the podcast] got such a wonderful reaction from people who listened.  They must be feeling proud."